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Instantly receive alerts about the best upcoming concerts in your area. We send you a text with the band's music and a link to buy tickets.


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Don't waste time searching the internet, downloading apps, or using impersonalized email lists to find shows. We do it for you.


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We prioritize artists that often fly under the radar due to their smaller marketing budgets. But trust us, they put on killer shows!


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Have you ever heard a band you love is on tour, only to have just missed their show near you? Never again.


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We don't just find you awesome shows, we find them at the best prices with discounts through our partnerships with venues.

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Ticketed Shows

Completely free! We text you personalized recommendations whenever we find a perfect show or deal under your budget.

Free Shows

Get texted alerts for the best free shows happening each day! Best way to save money and keep up with local bands!

Artist Alerts

Be the first to know what is happening by following your favorite artists to receive exclusive updates from them!